A little over a year ago, I found myself in the hospital having an EKG and blood tests. I couldn't breathe. I could barely talk. And my heart was "pounding out of my chest." The physicians asked me the typical questions.


"Do you smoke?" No.

"Do you drink?" No.

"Do you have any history of heart disease?" No.

"How often do you exercise?" About four times per week lifting and 2 other times playing basketball or coaching.

"What is your occupation?"...


That was it - that was the key to understanding my current condition.


I had an anxiety attack. I didn't understand why then because I had been going at this pace for about 2 years. But it caught up to me. Once I told my family, I got a hold of Scott.


The following week he drove up to Delaware and met with me and my wife for 3 days.

Everything changed after that meeting and things have been much better ever since.


Scott has helped me greatly and continues to do so. I highly recommend him as a consultant to anyone that already has or is thinking about starting a business. He is an expert in accounting, great with employee management and very knowledgeable about possible legal issues. But what I like most is that, as a third party, he helps me think objectively and helps calm the storm of emotions that comes with owning a business. I always feel peaceful and confident that, with the Lord's help, I can enjoy my work and provide for my family all while being a benefit to our community and staff.


Win, win, win with Advocatus Consulting, LLC.


Patrick, Owner

Factory Sports, Inc.

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During a time of great stress and turmoil, Scott came in and helped calm the waters and provided much needed leadership to the school.  We were under a tremendous pressure to raise money, reorganize our operations, and complete the purchase of our property and building.  Scott led our team and provided strategic insight and leadership.  He was instrumental in gaining a new banking relationship, solidifying our cash position after the purchase, and negotiating contracts with both our new principal and with several external vendors.


While working as the Chairman of our board, Scott helped create the bylaws and the governing documents we currently use.  He set-up the board related documents, established the protocol for documenting board meeting decisions, and served as a grammarian. 


He was and is an asset for us and we couldn't recommend him more highly.


The Board

United Faith Christian Academy

Scott met with our start-up, and after just one session we had a much clearer picture of where our financial estimates stood. Scott not only helped us confirm and adjust our projections, but he also gave us several ideas on how we could stabilize our operations by taking on less financial risks.

Scott is an unusual financial expert: one who has creative, innovative ideas combined with an engaging and enthusiastic personality.


We'll be calling on Scott again -  at each step in our growth!


Carey, Owner

CATCH Comedy Arts Theater of Charlotte




​​Few successful business leaders are able to balance honesty, character, and integrity with "what is best for business." Scott Woods sets a new standard for business consultants because he is driven by incredibly high levels of integrity and character, and he is able to apply creative and sound business practices to generate results.  This is why I knew he was the perfect person to help us launch our gym in 2012.  He is brilliant with numbers and easily shares what the numbers mean - now, in 6 months and 5 years from now. There is no other business consultant I would trust with our future than Scott Woods.  Thank you, Scott, for being a friend, mentor, consultant, and an example of how a professional man of character conducts business.


Jason, President 

Rhymer Fitness