What we do for companies is simple. We provide leadership and guidance to owners and executives by assisting them in maximizing their profits and impact. Whether it is through executive/strategic coaching, fractional executive leadership, or a complete review and overhaul of your processes and procedures, our goal is to get clients excited about their business again while helping them sleep better at night, knowing that all of their "ducks are in a row."

This is why Advocatus Consulting, LLC exists and why owners are excited to work with us. 

Scott Woods

CEO & Managing Director


My journey to the world of consulting has had several twists and turns. 

graduated from Clemson University with a degree in accounting; but I

immediately realized that public accounting was not what I wanted in a


So, I set off to find my calling - a place where I could make a lasting impact. 


Through my work in internal audit, investigative accounting, and in several

accounting departments, I discovered my passion: privately held businesses and

non-profits. This demographic allowed me to get my hands dirty while working

and managing a variety of departments: operations, inside and outside sales, customer service, accounting, and IT.  Within 5 years of graduating college, I was a Vice President and C-Level Executive managing nearly 75 employees.


After over 20 years of leading and optimizing several companies, I decided what I really enjoyed most was helping companies and owners focus on what they truly love most: their business. By helping companies rediscover their "why," my goal was simple: to help them refocus on their goals, and maximize profits, value and impact. 

Give Advocatus Consulting a call. 

Let's chat about how we can grow your business and leave a legacy of impact.